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Become a Driving Instructor

Driving instructor training comes in three parts

Part One = Theory

Part Two = Driving Ability

Part Three = Teaching Ability

During the theory test you will need to answer 100 questions....There are 25 questions in each of these 4 categories:

Once the question section is over, you will then need to pass the hazard perception test

Contact me for more details


Tel: 07950 627391

Driving Ability Test

You will need to pass a driving test at a very high standard. The learner test lasts for approximately 40 minutes and they are allowed 15 faults.

Your test will last for approximately one hour, and you are allowed a maximum of 6 faults

Teaching Ability Test

I much prefer to meet up with clients and explain this test face to face, I find it much easier that way


£24.00 per hour