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I passed 1st time with one driving fault, Rick never let me down once, and was very friendly through-out our lessons ...... Thank you so much.


I took my test in Leighton Buzzard and passed first time with only 2 faults, Rick helped me from day one and I really enjoyed my lessons ....... I'm very happy thank you soooooo much


I learned to drive with Rick from day 1 all the way to my first time pass, thank you soooooooooo much


Passing my driving test opens up so many doors for me, thank you a million times over Rick


Rick has been very professional through-out, I not only learned how to pass my test, I learned how to drive safely afterwards too, thank you sooooo much.


I passed first time in Leighton Buzzard, having a driving licence will change my life. Thank you so much Rick


I passed second time with Rick, I'm so happy, thank you so much.


Rick was extremely calm through-out my lessons, and he most definitely helped me pass. Thank you so much


My brother passed first with Rick so the pressure was on to do the same, and i did. Very very happy with that. Thank you


Many thanks Rick, I really enjoyed my lessons even the ones in bad weather. I can't wait to start driving my own car.


Rick taught me how to understand and not worry when i made mistakes, i was happy to have him in car with me on test day I'm so happy Thank you so much.


I only had 21 hours practise from start to finish, apparently that's very good according to Rick, i took all my lessons in Luton but passed my test in my home town of Derby. Whoop whoop.


Not only did Rick make me feel comfortable in the car but the examiner was very nice too, i passed with 3 faults Very happy I will recommend Rick to my family and friends.


Rick was my second driving instructor and he taught me so well that i passed first time with only 12 hours training with him. Thanks Rick


I passed in Leighton Buzzard, i was very nervous but Rick let me do my lessons 'my way' and it worked ...... i'm very happy


I passed 2nd time in Luton, thank you Rick i really appreciate your efforts.


I changed to Rick only a few weeks before my test, I'm glad i did because i passed first time.


I booked a cancellation test in St Albans, Rick rearranged his diary for me, it was well worth it, i passed with only 3 faults .... Thanks Rick.


I'm very pleased that i swapped driving instructors when i did, my old instructor told me that i wasn't ready for a test but Rick gave me the confidence to pass first time ..... Thank you Rick.


Rick is a reliable and very good driving instructor and his prices are good too .... i passed first time.


I had under 30 hours tuition and passed first time in Letchworth, i'm very happy with that, Thanks Rick


Thank you so much Rick, passing my driving test has changed my life, it's a fantastic feeling, thank you a thousand times Robert


I failed my mock test but we worked on that and i passed the proper test first time, i will recommend Rick to my friends.


I passed my test second time with Rick. I asked him to come with me on my test and although he couldn't say anything it was great to have him come along with me.

Very very happy. Thank you so much.


A big thank you to Rick. I passed my driving test first time with only 3 minors. Let’s just say he had more faith in my driving skills on the day of my test than I had. Highly progressional, thorough in his explanations, and extremely organised (provides you with a personalised booklet consisting of your lesson timetable, detailed progress chart, show me tell me questions, etc).

Not forgetting to add that he is calm, patient and answered all the questions I had.


I'm so pleased that I've passed my test, my son is now taking lessons with Rick.Thank you so much.


I had about 5 months training and passed first time, I would recommend Rick to anyone.


I failed my test with a different instructor and decided to change to Rick, I'm very pleased that i did.


I already had an automatic licence and thanks to Rick I now have a manuel one too. Many thanks to you Rick.


I can't believe I passed first time. Thank you so much, Rick.


I passed my test 2nd Time in Letchworth ..... I'm very happy with that.

Thank you so much, Rick.

I tried to pass my test in Luton twice but failed, so i tried Letchworth and passed first time.


I passed first time with only 3 faults. Thank you soooooo much Rick.


WOW! i failed my mock test but passed my real test first time. I'm really happy, thanks Rick.


Rick has been an excellent driving instructor. After passing my test 2 years ago with a different instructor, I took 10-15 lessons with him.

I had very little experience on the road and was worried about driving in unknown areas and on motorways.

Rick assessed my areas of development and was very clear and patient in his teaching style. He provided regular feedback which was provided in written form. I cannot thank him enough, I now have the confidence to take to the road on my own.


I passed my test first time in Letchworth with Rick, thank you so much, I am so happy.


Wow I am so happy. Ipassed first time with only 3 faults. Thank you Rick so much .... All the best


I passed first time with only 3 driving faults...... Thanks Rick.


I passed my test with only 1 driving fault, thanks Rick.


I had driving lessons with Rick in 2004, now 16 years later my daughter is now learning with him too, i doubt many people can say that.

Jessica, Luton

Instructor Training

Fully reccomend Rick as an instructor. His approach is calm and always seems one jump ahead of the mistakes I was about to make.
Rick taught me to become an instructor which I am still doing seven years later.

I'm a grade A instructor which is down to the teaching I recieved. Top man and great guy.

Nick Chandler